At the District Staff meeting, Governor Emil Geering and PDG Joe Dino, Jr., Membership Chair, announced a new program for our district – 100 Members in 100 Days.  Our aim is to get the District to 1,400 members between December 15 and March 23.  The club that brings in the highest number of new members (no formulas here, just the highest number) will receive a $500 grant from DGE Bonnie Sirower during her year for one of that club’s programs, community or international.  In case of a tie, the club that brings in the highest amount of new members first will receive the award. Club Presidents can also win a Rotary tie, Rotary scarf or business card holder if they complete all five points of the Rotary membership star (see attached PDF).  Clubs will receive a gold star for each task completed:

1)    Hold a Meet and Greet:  We would like clubs to band together, and if possible, hold the Meet and Greet on February 23,  Rotary’s birthday.

2)    Hold a Fireside Chat for new or potential members

3)    Hold an orientation session for your new members

4)    Conduct a membership satisfaction survey (also attached)

5)    Bring in at least two new members.  .All clubs that accomplish this will be recognized at the District Conference and the District Assembly.  


If you have any questions or need help on carrying out any of these programs, please contact Membership Chair Joe Dino, Jr. at