Thank you all for your cooperation and attendance at our last meeting.  While attendance was a huge improvement, we now stand at 40 active members; so I expect 25 or more each week.  Attendance is a requirement NOT a choice in maintaining you membership requirements.  Dues is the other.  So please pay your dues and attend so as not to jeopardize your membership!

We will be at Biggies Restaurant on 34 Newark St Hoboken NJ each Tuesday at 12:15pm.  This week we will hear from Ethan Chazin, a newer Member, who is sure to restart your business with his Coaching ideas!

Parking is a premium in Hoboken so give yourself a 15 minute window and you should find something on the street!

The Club and Foundation will be having a joint meeting this month on March 20th at the Hoboken Business Center or at Biggies (time to be announced).