It was great to see so many Rotarians and our Better Halves at the event.  The Elks Lodge gave us plenty of room for the 150 plus guests.  The bounty of food and drinks were only matched by the laughs and smiles we shared. 

We squeeze that hour of time into our busy lives each week to chat about an idea to raise funds, and that special Rotarian grabs the chance to give and makes the effort to change the World for the better.  And so it was that Joe Mindak, made Casino Night an event that has taken on a life of its own.  So let us all thank Joe and all that have donated the time, food, drinks and funds to contribute to the corpus of The Hoboken Rotary Foundation.

If you participate in Our Events you know the power and benefit of giving in service.  I call it getting Rotarized.   If you do not then you are missing out on a chance to get something from Our Club that you will rarely find in life.   Try it soon as our events are winding down for this year.