One of the greatest things about Rotary is the level of impact we can have if and when, we choose to get Rotarized. 
Getting Rotarized occurs in most Rotarians and can be described as the moment you realize the impact you can have in the Community,,World and Club when you take action in Our Club.  It is the time of year to think about the Service Projects YOU want to be involved in.
Ask yourself what you would like our Club to Support and email your ideas to any Board Member to be considered.  When you do so please be detailed in what you want to do, what it means to you and why it is important for you.
Get Rotarizrd!
At a recent lunch meeting we discussed projects for the 2019-20 Club year and the impact we can make in areas we care deeply about.   A fellow Rotarian shared a photo of her home-town Clubs project, which sparked  the discussion and became the catalyst for a potential new idea for us all to give back to our home town, wherever it may be.  We are therefore asking you take some time to reflect on YOUR HOME TOWN, and the impact it has had on your life and what you can now do to give back in Rotary Service style.
We are asking you write up an email to submit a program for the Board for review and consider to implement this Rotary year.  An example could be  partnering with your Home Town Rotary Club to assist or request assistance in finding out what may be needed, assistance funding  and implementing your project.   So think what it would mean to The Club, Your community to DREAM BIG and get or stayed Rotarized.!