Today we met for Lunch and all were introduced to Mitchell and Marisa Cerillo, the Recipient and her Mother of our 2019 GOL. 
In addition to happily reporting Mitchell is doing well and will soon be cleared to return to The Phillipines to resume her life!
Thanks to All whom have made this possible.  Our 2nd Annual Gift Of Life Dinner is being organized and scheduled for December 5th at The Antique Loft.
The topic was informally discussed and then seemed to have a life of its own.  A second Annual GOL Dinner has been tentatively scheduled for December 5th 2019.  As the discussion developed, Dianna Vecchio was asked to and agreed to be Chairperson of the event.  If you want to assist Dianna, please contact her
We intend on Honoring a Hoboken Community Member who exemplifies the Rotary ideal of Service Above Self.  The Club and Board will be selecting this years Honoree in the months to come and welcome your nominations for this Honor.  If you have someone in mind I ask that you send a short email with the persons name and a reason why they should be honored with this award.
Thank you Dianna for exemplifying the meaning of Service Above Self. I know you will have the full support of The Club Membership in making this years event even more special and successful than last!