You may or may not know but The Rotary Club of Hoboken is part of a District(7490) which is comprised of The Rotary Clubs located in Bergen, Hudson and Passaic Counties.  This is a very important part of Rotary for many reasons.  Not only does a part of your dues go to fund The District but the District issues Grants to Clubs from various Foundations it operates.
As a Member of Our Club, you gain the benefit of having relationships within Our Club.  As a Member of Club, you also have the benefit of meeting Rotarians throughout the District, within which you can meet Leaders within the District Clubs.  I urge you to take a step outside of Hoboken and visit another Club when you are on the road or want to get to know another community for whatever your reason.
Over the last few months, Grant applications have been distributed via email and attached to The Rotaboken.  If you have a project you would like The Club to sponsor and fund, we have two choices to raise the funds for your project.  The first, is to operate a fund raising event within the Club and the second is to apply for a Grant to fund it.  
If you would like to apply for a District Grant to fund your Service project, the application is still available and must be submitted by September 30th,  2019.  Send an email to and an application can be sent to you.