Last week the Hoboken Rotary Club hosted Maria Nieves of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce at our weekly lunch meeting.  The topics were varied but very insightful.
Maria Nieves of The HCCoC, led the discussion with the history and background of the County and Hoboken Chambers.  She gave us the insight into the HCCoC goals, mission and fundraising campaigns.
Fund Raising-  We hope to jointly work on raising funds and mutually supporting the programs of Rotary and HCCofC.  The types of events held and sponsored by HCCoC are well organized and well attended.  The end result is HCCoC is as strong and prosperous as it has ever been under Maria Nieves leadership.
Membership- We discussed the importance and prominence of women in both Organizations and applaud the strides and efforts of every woman member for their contributions, which have strengthened both Organizations over the past 20 years.  We recognized the commonality in goals and shared members and hope this will bring about a much more mutually beneficial relationship.
As the goal was to set the stage for cooperation and mutual support among the Organizations Leadership and Membership in fund raising, program support and other endeavours for the benefit of the Membership and Communities we serve.  Let's build on the mutual respect we have for each other and prosper from the relationship accordingly.