In 2012, the Hoboken Rotary Club and the Hoboken Fire Department, co-sponsored a trip to Boca Chica, Dominican Republic to provide desperately needed firefighting equipment and training to the impoverished area's bravest. Five years later Ralph Eusebio, the founder of these efforts, is venturing back to the DR, this time to honor his father, Rafael, who passed away last year. Due to increased social media presence, a lot has changed in the past five years. There are now donations coming in from all over the country and multiple fire departments are participating.
On April 4th, the Rotary Clubs of Hoboken and Jersey City held a fundraiser for the Boca Chica efforts. T-shirts were created to commemorate the trip, with one shirt being donated to a firefighter in Boca Chica, for each one sold. Through the suggested donation and t-shirt sales, over $5000.00 was raised at the event, all of which will go directly to the Boca Chica FD, as well as departments in the surrounding area.