Former District Governor Joe Dino visits!!!

Past District Governor Joseph Dino, Jr. is from district 7490.

He is an active member of the Paterson, New Jersey Rotary Club since 1989 with perfect attendance. He was a Centennial District Governor in 2004-2005 and now serves as district trainer and as the New Jersey Membership Coordinator.

Joe serves Rotary on many levels:

(1) locally in the Rotary districts of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania through his leadership and continued involvement in the annual multi-district PETS and Vocational Assembly;

(2) regionally in Rotary International Zones 31 and 32 through his appointments as Zone Marketing Director, Regional Rotary International Membership Coordinator and GETS faculty member;

(3) and globally in Rotary International by serving RI Presidents as a President’s Representative at district conferences.

He is a charter member of the multi-district PETS and has served on its faculty since 1999. While PETS chairman in 2007, he expanded the program to include several additional districts in central New Jersey and the metropolitan New York area.

Since serving as Regional Rotary International Membership Coordinator in 2006, Joe has organized and led more than 30 seminars in districts throughout the northeastern United States in Rotary Zone 32, providing practical and motivational training in membership development and retention to district governors and district membership committees.

Joe is also a faculty member of the Rotary Leadership Institute and travels extensively throughout the Northeast training our future leaders.