The Stevens Rotaract Club has been active all summer long and now has launched a week long list of activities, They are once again working with Rotary and Interact at the Arts and Music Festival Please see their entire listing of events below.  
  1. GBM/ Bracelets; Thursday, September 27 | 9pm - 10:30pm | BC 204

There will be lots of updates of upcoming events, service, and fundraisers. After the updates, we will be making bracelets to sell at our upcoming fundraisers. Never made one before? Don't worry! Our expert, Laura, will be coming in to show us how to do some simple but fashionable designs.

  1. Shelter Box Bake Sale;  Saturday, September 29 | 10:00am - 3pm | Schaeffer Field

Do you like baking? Make something for our bake sale fundraiser. All proceeds will go directly to ShelterBox. Come sell some with us or drop off baked goods at our table.

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  1. ShelterBox Tent Display; Saturday, September 29 | 9:30am - 10am or 3pm -3:30pm | Davis Lawn

Our ShelterBox representative, Monica, will be on campus to set up a demo tent and speak more about the cause we're helping. Rotaract members will help her set up the tent on Davis Lawn in the morning shift and help break down at the afternoon shift.

Find more about ShelterBox at their website

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  1. Rotaract's Scavenger Hunt; Saturday, September 29 | 5pm - 6:15pm | meet up in front of Burchard

The Scavenger Hunt has been made to challenge you and your group to find clues around Hoboken in one hour. Answer the most clues and your team will receive the grand prize! To participate, RSVP below and show up at the time and location mentioned above! Teams will be made on the spot and the clues will be distributed the day of the event. Your answers will be submitted through your mobile phone and tallied at the end of the event.

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  1. Arts and Music Table Sitting; Sunday, September 30 | 11am - 4:00pm | Booth Info TBD

Rotaract will be selling bracelets and fundraising at the Arts and Music Festival. When you're done shopping, come see us at our booth and show some support or sign up to help us man the booth!