The Jersey Follettes are going on tour!   But don't worry, we're not going too far from home... The upcoming tri-state area tour is a special workshop of a brand new Follettes show - a celebration of female artists across generations, spanning the 21st Century, leaping into present-day, and finishing with the premier of a Jersey Follettes ORIGINAL SONG!
Our first stop will be right across the river, at The Duplex Theatre in New York City, 61 Christopher Street, on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 at 7:00PM! Tickets are $10 and can be reserved at  Please get your tickets in advance as there is limited seating!


If you can't make it - you can help us and all Follette fans Get Their "Fall"ette On by checking out our Kickstarter Campaign at!  You can watch an awesome video, learn about our new show, and be part of the process by pledging ANY amount of money to help us get our new tour on the road!  For each amount that you pledge, in return, you get some amazing rewards and our extreme gratitude.  If all of our email and facebook fans just contribute $5 each, we'll be set to put on an INCREDIBLE show for you this Fall. 
What does INCREDIBLE include?
1. The Jersey Follettes backed by a FULL BAND!
2. The Jersey Follettes performing in NYC, beautiful NJ theaters, and Philadelphia!
3. ALL NEW MUSIC featuring iconic female singers from the 1920s through today!
4. The premiere of our FIRST ORIGINAL SONG!
5. Beautiful DRESSES to shine with our voices!
6. NEW members of The Jersey Follettes!
7. And much, much more!
Any amount you can give will be greatly appreciated and help us continue to be a POSITIVE voice for New Jersey.  Spread the word! 

Please "Like" us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter  You can also visit our website at and then, come "Get Your 'Fall'ette On!"

Hope to see you at the performance!