Posted on Sep 24, 2019
Mitchell & Marisa Cerillo will be at this weeks Meeting.... and it may be there last.
On OCtober 10th Mitchell and Marisa Cerillo  arrived in NJ and underwent surgery on September 16th and was released from valley Hospital on Sunday the 22nd.  
Last Tuesday, Dr. Marianno Brizzio, Mitchells surgeon and Linda Romeo, Mitchell's PA completed her post surgical review last week and gave Mitchell a very simple explanation and status on her health.   To quote them both Dr. Brizzio stated: "I fixed your heart, you are not sick anymore" and Linda Romeo chimed in, "so go  out and walk and live your life, you are healthy",    
If you recall Mitchell was scheduled to have 3 heart valves replaced as a beneficiary of The Rotary Gift of Life program and is now well thanks to every one of you and the work we do as Rotarians!  So if you ever wonder why you are a Rotarian, tell yourself..."We save peoples lives".
Their return home is being planned pending the continued great news for October 18-20.  In the meantime,  If you would like to visit, prepare a meal or host them for a day please contact Greg Visconti at 201.275.9258.