About Our Club


The Rotary Club of Hoboken was founded in 1921 and is part of the world wide service organization known as, Rotary International.  Rotary International was established in Chicago in 1905, and it quickly grew throughout the US and to over 80 countries in less than 10 years. Rotary is credited as the world's first service organization, and it occupies the only non governmental seat at the United Nations. The seat is non-voting, but it recognizes the importance of the Rotary, with its international members and contacts once being fundamental to international communications.

Today, Rotary has over 1.2 million members in 200 countries worldwide. Hoboken Rotary was founded 89 years ago, and it was started to further the goals of community service, international understanding, health, and literacy

around the world and especially in the local community. With over 45 current members, Hoboken Rotary is looking to grow even more.

Club meetings are held on Tuesdays at 12:15pm at Biggies restaurant 42 Newark St Hoboken NJ.  At each club meeting there is a speaker. The speaker is someone from the community who wants to get his or her message out and gain Hoboken Rotary's support. Club meetings are open to the public, and first-time visitors can participate in the meeting for free. 


If you would like to join the members for lunch please email guests@hobokenrotary.org

Want to join the Hoboken Rotary, email membership@hobokenrotary.org

Those interested in volunteer service and joining the Hoboken Rotary Club should visit the Website, www.hobokenrotary.org, for an application form. After attending several meetings in a row, applicants are invited to become members.

Visit the club's website, e-mail info@hobokenrotary.com, or call 201-659-8852 for more information about Hoboken Rotary and its events and programs. The Community is our focus  which benefits from our mantra of  "service above self".  Thanks to our Members and Community Sponsors we have completed a variety of projects and events aimed at bettering the community. Hoboken Rotary is part of the larger foundation Rotary International.