Throughout the course our club since 1921, see the charter certificate, we have experienced many presidents, secretaries, treasures, as well as numbers committee heads.  A few years ago it was then the club's leadership to establish group, referred to as the leadership team.  The team's main objective is to operate the club in line with the four way test as well as five avenues of service.  

As every year passes and a someone new steps into the role of club president, every member is part of  Rotary, that includes ensure that our club is functioning at the highest possible level thus providing the opportunity to exceed our own expectations of Service Above Self.  No member of The Hoboken Rotary Club, regardless of age or years as a members should consider themselves exempt from club service.  

Below are a listing of various committees from Rotary International that are essential for us as Rotarians to carry out our motto, Service Above Self. 

Membership Committee: This is our most important committee as the retention and engagement of our  existing members as well as identifying those new potential members that are going to follow our Four Way Test. 

Club Treasurer's Manual
Club Secretary's Manual:   
Club Administration Committee Manual: Our club needs every member to lend a hand in the weekly operation of our club.  

Public Relations Committee Manual:  We are looking for members to handle  
Club Service and Community Out Reach Committee:  Joseph Branco has taken the lead on the 
Rotary Foundation Committee Manual: As Rotary transitions into Future Vision , the way that grants are to be applied for as well as the causes that are covered by grant money changes we need to ensure we are utilizing every possible resource.