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Rotary & H.C. Chamber Roundtable

Last week the Hoboken Rotary Club hosted Maria Nieves of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce at our weekly lunch meeting.  The topics were varied but very insightful.
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Shelter NIght - No Lunch Meeting

Our Next Shelter Night will be continue as scheduled for the First Tuesday of the month, unless it is a Holiday. 
This Service Project is a substitute for the weekly meeting!
Volunteers should arrive at the Shelter around 5pm to help prepare dinner.  I encourage you to come because you will always leave smiling and  feeling blessed!
email president@hobokenrotary.org for additional information.
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In 2019, The Hoboken Rotary Club (HRC) had achieved one of its many goals, to save a life!
Today The HRC Board of Directors has been asked to vote on a proposed option to the standard GOL program, so we can continue to put SERVICE ABOVE SELF.
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Hoboken Rotary Recognized for its Community Service Ideals 2019-09-27 04:00:00Z 0

Rotary District 7490

You may or may not know but The Rotary Club of Hoboken is part of a District(7490) which is comprised of The Rotary Clubs located in Bergen, Hudson and Passaic Counties.  This is a very important part of Rotary for many reasons.  Not only does a part of your dues go to fund The District but the District issues Grants to Clubs from various Foundations it operates.
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Getting Rotarized

One of the greatest things about Rotary is the level of impact we can have if and when, we choose to get Rotarized. 
Getting Rotarized occurs in most Rotarians and can be described as the moment you realize the impact you can have in the Community,,World and Club when you take action in Our Club.  It is the time of year to think about the Service Projects YOU want to be involved in.
Ask yourself what you would like our Club to Support and email your ideas to any Board Member to be considered.  When you do so please be detailed in what you want to do, what it means to you and why it is important for you.
Get Rotarizrd!
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2019-2020 Hoboken Rotary Avenues of Service

Posted on Jul 15, 2019
We are about to have our first Board Meeting this year and are seeking the input of all Member in creating an Agenda for Club Service programs.  It is my foremost goal that OUR Club perform service projects that OUR Members have collectively chosen to support.
As a Rotarian you can dream big and make it happen.  It is my goal as President to represent ALL members in choosing projects that Members want to do and will support with the passion of Service Aboove Self.
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Hoboken Rotary Club raises $1,300.00 for Hoboken High School Marching Band

The club was asked to help the Hoboken High School Rockin’ Redwings Marching Band raise money for their trip to Washington D.C. to participate in the National Memorial Day parade. The Rockin’ Redwings are one of four bands chosen from the state of New Jersey, and one of only 36 throughout the entire country. A happy hour fundraiser was held on March 15th, the day after a blizzard left our area covered in over two feet of snow.
Despite a lower turnout than expected, with the help of Hoboken Fire Department Locals 1076 and 1078 (respectively), Hoboken Police Department PBA Local #2, BCB Bank, and Investor's Bank, the club presented the band a check for $1,300.00! Dave Stasiak, the band’s Marching Director, has reported to us that with our donation, they have raised enough money to cover the cost of the trip for the approximate 50 students attending. We look forward to seeing the band march during the national television broadcast!
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Golf Outing

Only 100 tickets will be sold!

GET YOUR TICKETS HERE: http://bit.ly/2cqzvSh

Tickets include:
-- Golf tournament (Beer, Water, Soda on course),  
-- Lunch (Burgers, Hot Dogs, Chicken etc.) 
-- 2 hour Open Bar
* Lunch / Open Bar only tickets available as well

Hole in One Sponsorships: W. Kodak Jewelers of HobokenAudi USAAudi MendhamAudi Bridgewater

Other Sponsorships: Hoboken Chamber Commerce 

A portion of the proceeds will go to Hoboken Rotary Scholarship Funds and Youth Leadership program, supporting students in Hoboken.
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Benefit to Help the Victims of the New Years Day Fire in Hoboken Joe Mindak 2015-02-05 00:00:00Z 0

Registration open for the 19th Annual Hoboken Rotary Golf Outing

Posted by Christopher Mackin CFP® on Jul 21, 2014
We're at it again with our 19th Annual Golf Outing and proud to announce a partnership with the Hoboken Chamber Commerce

For those of you who haven't played Essex County Country Club, you're in for a treat. This year we'll be having a special cocktail hour and dinner after the outing. You don't have an excuse not to... join us, if you don't like golf, come to network with other professionals!

The Hoboken Rotary is a wonderful "service" organization that donates money to the education of our children. We give scholarships to high school seniors, books to the 1st and 3rd graders in Hoboken, send students to Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and have a "city-wide" Spelling Bee for all the 4th graders in our community. Those are just some of the wonderful things this organization participates in.

Our annual golf outing helps raise the funds for these educational programs. Please come out and support Hoboken's & the World's oldest service organization!
Click HERE to register for the event.
Registration open for the 19th Annual Hoboken Rotary Golf Outing Christopher Mackin CFP® 2014-07-22 00:00:00Z 0

Casino Night is Rotary!

Posted by Gregory Visconti on May 04, 2013

It was great to see so many Rotarians and our Better Halves at the event.  The Elks Lodge gave us plenty of room for the 150 plus guests.  The bounty of food and drinks were only matched by the laughs and smiles we shared. 

We squeeze that hour of time into our busy lives each week to chat about an idea to raise funds, and that special Rotarian grabs the chance to give and makes the effort to change the World for the better.  And so it was that Joe Mindak, made Casino Night an event that has taken on a life of its own.  So let us all thank Joe and all that have donated the time, food, drinks and funds to contribute to the corpus of The Hoboken Rotary Foundation.

If you participate in Our Events you know the power and benefit of giving in service.  I call it getting Rotarized.   If you do not then you are missing out on a chance to get something from Our Club that you will rarely find in life.   Try it soon as our events are winding down for this year.


Casino Night is Rotary! Gregory Visconti 2013-05-05 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Gregory Visconti on Apr 30, 2013

No not Verrazano. 

The winner of the Spelling Bee is ...

Nicholas Yohn of HoLa School; winning word - capacity

AND THE WINNER IS Gregory Visconti 2013-05-01 00:00:00Z 0

2nd Annual hMAG and Hoboken Rotary Casino Night

Posted by Christopher Mackin CFP® on Apr 15, 2013

On Saturday, May 4th we will be hosting our 2nd Annual Casino Night.  This years event will be held at the Hoboken Elks Lodge from 6pm to 11pm.

We will have a Texas Hold'Em Tournament in addition to Black Jack, Roulette & Craps table games.  There will be an open bar and buffet.

Come EAT.DRINK.DANCE.PLAY with us in Black & White Attire.  Dress to Impress.  Be Creative!

Tickets can be purchased HERE for $50 General Admission or $75 for Texas Hold'Em Registration (which includes all General Admission benefits plus entry into the Texas Hold'Em Tournament).



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Hoboken Rotary History Remade

Posted by Gregory Visconti on Feb 19, 2013

For many years Our Club has met various local establishments seeking a suitable and comfortable place to do the good deeds of Rotary.  Like every other Club in the world, we meet to share our vocational expertise and experience, in the name of service above self. 

Beginning March 2013, we will be returning to a long time home, all be it, remodeled "Clam Broth House".  While it is now known as Biggie's, at 42 Newark Street between River and Hudson Sts. Hoboken NJ it was the place I first attended Rotary in the 1980's.  The new proprietors are long time Hobokenites that share the pride of calling Hoboken home. 

We will return to lunch meetings beginning March 2013, and thank the Brass Rail for having us for such a long time.


Let's enjoy the Fellowship and hospitality of our new hosts and support them each week for years to come.

Greg Visconti

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Helping Our Own!

Posted by Gregory Visconti on Jan 18, 2013

Recently a donation was made to Richard Marsh and his lovely wife to assist them in rebuilding their home.  Rich has given so much to Our Community as a Rotarian that he deserves our assistance in his time of need.  When I first me Rich he was new to the Club and eager.  He was rounding up coats for the homeless and wearing his heart on every coat sleeve!

Please do not forget those who need emotional and moral support to recover from the mess left behind.

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New Members Sean Munroe & Ethan Chazin

Posted by Gregory Visconti on Jan 18, 2013
Our club is very similar to other clubs are around the world that we strive to identify, recruit and induct the best possible members.  I am happy to announce that we have 
New Members Sean Munroe & Ethan Chazin Gregory Visconti 2013-01-19 00:00:00Z 0

Hoboken Rotary Spelling Bee

Posted by Gregory Visconti on Jan 18, 2013

Due to the recent storm, we postponed our 4th Annual Spelling Bee. The committee is working closing with the schools to first ensure that the kids are effectively transitioned back into their routine.

Secondly we are seeking out their needs and how we can assist them, getting back up and running smoother and faster.  Thirdly we will work with them to determine when a new date and location can be set.  If you have any questions or can assist in the preparations please contact the committee chair, Lisa Russo at spellingbee@hobokenrotary.org.

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Rebuild Hoboken Relief Fund Check is Delivered

Posted by Gregory Visconti on Jan 18, 2013

In partnership with The City of Hoboken, Party with Purpose, along with many other local organizations and charities, we've established the Rebuild Hoboken Relief Fund and made the initial donation transfer to Rebuild Hoboken, Thank you and Congratulations on a job well done!

Let the Re-building and healing begin. 

Please consider donating, so we can support those who need immediate help and to provide funds towards the long term rebuilding of our beautiful city.

Click here to donate. 

If you prefer to mail a check, please forward it to: Hoboken Rotary Foundation P.O. Box 1027 Hoboken NJ 07030. Please make checks out to Hoboken Rotary Foundation, in the memo line add "Rebuild Hoboken Relief Fund". 

Thank you in advance for your support!

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Hoboken Rotary Archives

Posted by Gregory Visconti on Jan 18, 2013
Some of you may be aware that in the last year our club's history has come around.  Old boxes were found, bringing back new gems of trivia and knowledge which we will share to further the Hoboken Rotary standing in our community and membership.
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WANTED: Interesting Speakers With a Story to Tell Otto Ossterwijk 2013-01-19 00:00:00Z 0

Meeting Location Change

Posted by Ryan Mitchell on Dec 05, 2011

The Brass Rail has notified us that our December 20th meeting is going to be held at The Gas Light, located at 400 Adams St.   If you need directions or have any additional questions please let either Chris or Ryan know.


We look forward to seeing everyone at our last meeting of 2011.   

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Presidential Citation

Posted by Ryan Mitchell on Oct 09, 2011

Each year the incoming president of Rotary International announces their goals for their Presidential Citation.  During the 2010-2011 Rotary Year, our club was awarded  this honor.   President Kaylan Banerjee not only raised the bar with the requirements for the 2011-2012 Presidential Citation Award, he also established the Change Maker Award.  

 2011-2012 Presidential Citation

2011-2012 Change Maker Award

Please take a moment to review both of these awards and then ask yourself how you may assist the club in earning both of these honors.  

Presidential Citation Ryan Mitchell 2011-10-10 00:00:00Z 0

H-Mag Music Festival

Posted by Ryan Mitchell on Oct 03, 2011

Joe Mindak, one of our members, and a co-founder of H-Mag has graciously donated a booth at his upcoming Music Festival on Sunday October 16th, from 12pm till 10pm. The booths are very similar to the arts and music festival.  If you have ever worked a trade show, then volunteering is almost the same. The club is looking for volunteers to assist with the set up and break down as well as being at the booth all day.  This is one of the many terrific events our club gets to showcase why Rotary is the oldest and best service organization.  Please take sometime out of your Sunday and assist the club in finding our newest members. If you are interested in volunteering, providing marketing materials or bringing the volunteers hot chocolate please either see Chris or Ryan or email events@hobokenrotary.org

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Assemblyman Ruben Ramos as our guest speaker Mackin, CFP®, Christopher 2011-08-27 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Ryan Mitchell on Aug 16, 2011
On August 16, 2011, James Sanford, a Hoboken Resident and the former President of The Paterson Rotaract Club, presented the importance of Rotaract and his efforts to launch a club at Stevens.  He has been working in conjuction with current member Brian Blackmore to recruit and build a leadership team to launch this club in September 2011.  
Rotaract Ryan Mitchell 2011-08-17 00:00:00Z 0

James' Brings Rotaract to the Rotary

Posted by Ryan Mitchell on Aug 09, 2011

James Sanford Information


James is 28 years old, born and raised in New Jersey.  His father is from Wisconsin and his mother is from Hong Kong.  He spent several years growing up in Asia before returning to America.  He graduated from Berkeley College with a degree in accounting.  James bought a condo in April of 2009 and is happy to have made Hoboken his home.


Currently he is a Procurement Manager at T-Systems North America, Inc.  For the past six years he has saved his company millions in cost savings by streamlining processes, negotiating with vendors, and winning credits through successful dispute management.


From 2002 to 2004, he served as President of the Paterson Rotaract Club.  In 2004, he was awarded the Paterson Rotary Club Community Service Award for his efforts in promoting Rotaract and charitable service.  Presently he serves as the District Rotaract Representative for Rotary District 7490 representing clubs throughout Northern New Jersey and functioning as an international point of contact for Rotaract members throughout the world.


In addition, James serves as a Hoboken Municipal Committeeman for District 4-3 and as the Republican Ward Captain for Hoboken’s Fourth Ward.  This past year James was also elected Chairman of the Hudson County Young Republicans and is proud of his record of doubling membership and increasing attendance at monthly meetings.  Recently, James has been nominated to serve on the board of the New Jersey Young Republican Federation as Vice Chair for the Northeast Region of New Jersey.


James is happy to make new friends and meet people who share the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self”.  His mobile number is 973-800-6634 and e-mail is tongmingsan@gmail.com

James' Brings Rotaract to the Rotary Ryan Mitchell 2011-08-10 00:00:00Z 0

Ashley Ntansah - speaker for August 9th - Founder and Program Director of Play Fitness

Posted by Mackin, CFP®, Christopher on Jul 28, 2011

Ashley Ntansah is the Founder and Program Director of Play Fitness - www.playfitness.me .

Ashley will be speaking on some new programs that have been launched with a focus on childrens fitness.  A few of his credentials can be found below:

Education, Coach Certifications and Accomplishments

 Willesden College London, England (90)

International Olympic Strength & Conditioning Coach


USA Weightlifting Club Coach (since 2006)

NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer (since 2004)

Teen Sports Performance Programs

Bodybuilding : to list a few

NPC Eastern USA Overall Champion (96)

NPC Tri-State Bodybuilding Championship 1st place (98)

Atlantic States Bodybuilding Championship 3rd place (06)

NPC Eastern USA Masters Overall Champion 05 

"For nearly as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to somehow be involved in the fitness industry. I have been able to combine the things I enjoy doing into a career. I enjoy people, teaching, coaching, weightlifting, and fitness. So, it was a natural fit for me to become a Sports Conditioning Specialist.

Now that I have nearly 20 years of experience training both groups and individuals I realize how blessed I am to have made a career out of doing something I love, something I am passionate about. I’ve worked hard to become an expert in the field."

Ashley Ntansah - speaker for August 9th - Founder and Program Director of Play Fitness Mackin, CFP®, Christopher 2011-07-29 00:00:00Z 0


Posted by Ryan Mitchell on Jul 17, 2011
Our Club is committed to providing the opportunity for the community's high school seniors to attend college by providing yearly scholarships.   
Scholarships Ryan Mitchell 2011-07-18 00:00:00Z 0

Second Annual Career Shadow Day on May 24th

Posted by Rich Marsh on May 16, 2011

The Second Annual Career Shadow Day is this Tuesday, May 24th. High School age kids will shadow Rotarians at their place business. Rotarians will meet their respective students at Panera at 8:30am. Any Rotarian that has not received an email from Ron, please email him directly or send an email to info at hobokenrotary dot org.

The students will complete their shadowing and then will be invited to attend our weekly meeting. Any member that is not participating in Career Shadow can still be a big part of the students' day as we discuss all the various careers of our members, as well as the individual experiences of the kids during their shadow experience.

Second Annual Career Shadow Day on May 24th Rich Marsh 2011-05-17 00:00:00Z 0

April 19th Meeting at Hoboken Charter School

Posted by Rich Marsh on Apr 14, 2011

In an effort to support one of our Interact club's fundraising efforts, we are having lunch at the Hoboken Charter school on Tuesday April 19th.

 When:  Tuesday 19 April 2011

Where:  Hoboken Charter High School
             4th & Garden
             4th Floor
             Room 404
             (entrance on Bloomfield Street between 4th & 5th Streets)

How Much: $10.00 per person, all monies will go towards two charities chosen by the Interact club.

April 19th Meeting at Hoboken Charter School Rich Marsh 2011-04-15 00:00:00Z 0
This is Rotary - Rotary International Joe Mindak 2011-04-11 00:00:00Z 0

March 22nd Speaker: Peter T. Gilpatric Senior Vice President at LCOR

Posted by Rich Marsh on Mar 21, 2011
LCOR is a real estate investment and development company that specializes in complex urban development, including large-scale multifamily residential, commercial and mixed-use properties that often integrate housing, office, retail and transportation components. In fact, LCOR has been a pioneer and leader in the development of mixed-use live-work-play environments, as well as public/private development, including government spaces, aviation facilities and infrastructure.
March 22nd Speaker: Peter T. Gilpatric Senior Vice President at LCOR Rich Marsh 2011-03-22 00:00:00Z 0

St. Patrick's Day and the County Assembly!

Posted by Rich Marsh on Mar 12, 2011

There is no meeting on Tuesday, instead we will participate in the traditional County Assembly held at Casino in the Park, Thursday March 17th.  This is a great event with all types of food, and a chance for fellowship with other Rotarians .

Please remember to bring cash, there are no banks, atms or anything nearby, this meeting is literally in the middle of Lincoln Park. For full details see below:

 When:  12-2pm

Where: Casino in the park, Lincoln Park Jersey City

How much: $25.00 for food, cash bar and 50/50 raffles will be available

St. Patrick's Day and the County Assembly! Rich Marsh 2011-03-13 00:00:00Z 0
Interested in becoming a member? 2011-03-11 15:07:51Z 0
Follow us on Twitter Rich Marsh 2011-03-11 15:07:29Z 0

Hoboken Tasting and 7th Annual Art and Memorabilia Auction Less than 30 days away!!!

Posted by John Forsman on Feb 16, 2011

Register Today

Hoboken Tasting and 7th Annual Art and Memorabilia Auction on March 24, 2011 at 6:00 pm Try samplings from 11  of the finest restaurants in Hoboken, enjoy some delicious beverages  and bid on works of art and memorabilia.  Memorabilia includes sports, movies and many other collectibles.   With the money we raise from this event we will be able to provide college  scholarships to Hoboken High School Seniors and send students from Hoboken to a leadership building conference and perform many other activities for the students of Hoboken.

One exciting auction item is a two hour wine tasting, for up to 40 people,  being donated by Giannone Wine & Liquor's in West New York.  If nothing else you have to come and try to win this prize!!!

In addition we have Oriel Wines, who will be bringing some exciting wines to taste.

 Particapting Restaurants include:  The Melting Pot, Brass Rail, Ben & Jerry's, Madison's, The Clinton Social, Amanda's, Anthony David's, Cucharamama, Zafra, Dino & Harry's, and City Bistro

Time: 6:00pm to 10:00pm Auctioneer starts at 7pm

Date: March 24, 2011 

Location: Elks Club 1005 Washington Street

Tickets are $20.00 per person 

Purchase Your Ticket here

Hoboken Tasting and 7th Annual Art and Memorabilia Auction Less than 30 days away!!! John Forsman 2011-02-17 00:00:00Z 0

Today's program Career Shadow Program

Posted by Rich Marsh on Feb 14, 2011
Ron Zimmerman (2010 Rotarian of the year)  will be reviewing the entire program.  As a club we are looking to get more members involved.  Come hear from Ron how great of success last year was and how we plan to make this year even better.
Today's program Career Shadow Program Rich Marsh 2011-02-15 00:00:00Z 0

Evening Meeting February 22, 2011

Posted by John Forsman on Feb 08, 2011

Where: Maxwell's located at 1039 Washington St.

When: February 22nd, Arrive between 6:30 and 7pm as we are sitting down at 7pm

How much: The cost is $20 pp plus tax and gratuity

Evening Meeting February 22, 2011 John Forsman 2011-02-09 00:00:00Z 0

Tuesday the 25th Evening meeting

Posted by Rich Marsh on Jan 19, 2011

Where: Grimaldi's located at 417 Washington St.

When: 6:45pm drinks and sit down at 7pm

Cost: it is going to be ala cart

Tuesday the 25th Evening meeting Rich Marsh 2011-01-20 00:00:00Z 0

NJ Devils and our Community/ The Devils New Jersey's team -- Tomorrow Jan 11, 2011

Posted by John Forsman on Dec 19, 2010

Michael Gilfillan co-owner NJ Devils will be our guest speaker tomorrow at 12:15 pm, location Brass Rail 2nd and Washington Street Hoboken, NJ.  Mr. Gilfillan will be speaking about the NJ Devils in the community, the Newark Arena (Prudential Center), and will be anwsering questions.  He is donating NJ Devils equipment for the club to raffle off in the future and we are working on the Hoboken Rotary Club attending a game as a club.

Mr. Gilfillan will be bringing one piece of Devils memorabilia that will be raffled off, at the meeting. Don't forget your wallets, this is a one of a kind chance to get your hands on quality authentic merchandise!!!

NJ Devils and our Community/ The Devils New Jersey's team -- Tomorrow Jan 11, 2011 John Forsman 2010-12-20 00:00:00Z 0

Tuesday November, 9 2010 Lunch Meeting

Posted by John Forsman on Nov 05, 2010

On Tuesday November 9, 2010 at 12pm Simeon N. Cumberbatch will be speaking to the Hoboken Rotary Club.  The meeting will take place at the Brass Rail on the corner of 2nd and Washington in Hoboken, NJ.

Simeon N. Cumberbatch will be speaking about N.J.'s 'energy choice' program that allows families to choose their energy supplier.  How Viridian, which has 20% and 100% 'green energy' supplied by windmills in PA, is the greenest energy supplier in N.J., and how they are able to supply individual families with affordable energy.  Not only does the individual enrollee (with no contract, no minimum, and no cost) save money, but they are able to help their chosen non-profit earn passive residual monthly income every time they pay their monthly electric bill.

Tuesday November, 9 2010 Lunch Meeting John Forsman 2010-11-06 00:00:00Z 0

UN Day November 6, 2010

Posted on Oct 03, 2010

Rotary International

UN Day

You are cordially invited to attend Rotary Day at the United Nations on Saturday,

6 November 2010, 8:00am Registration, 9:30am program begins, till 4:00pm.

Rotary's relationship with the United Nations dates back to 1945 when some 49 Rotary

members acted as delegates, advisors and consultants at the United Nations Charter

Conference. Today, Rotary holds the highest consultative status possible with the United

Nations as a non-governmental organization.

Rotary and the United Nations

Rotary and the United Nations have a long history of working together and sharing similar

visions for a more peaceful world.

In 1942, Rotary clubs from 21 nations organized a conference in London to develop a vision

for advancing education, science, and culture after World War II. That event was a precursor

to UNESCO. In 1945, 49 Rotarians went to San Francisco to help draft the UN Charter.

Rotary and the UN have been close partners ever since, a relationship that’s apparent

through PolioPlus and work with UN agencies.

“The invitation to Rotary International to participate in the United Nations Conference as

consultant to the United States delegation was not merely a gesture of good will and respect

toward a great organization. It was a simple recognition of the practical part Rotary’s

members have played and will continue to play in the development of understanding among

nations. The representatives of Rotary were needed at San Francisco and, as you well know,

they made a considerable contribution to the Charter itself, and particularly to the framing of

provisions for the Economic and Social Council.”

Rotary currently holds the highest consultative status offered to a nongovernmental

organization by the UN’s Economic and Social Council, which oversees many specialized UN

agencies. Rotary maintains and furthers its relationship with a number of UN bodies,

programs, commissions, and agencies through its representative network . This network

consists of RI representatives to the United Nations and other organizations.

Learn more about Rotary’s local and international work through Rotary: Navigating the Global

Network .

Rotary-United Nations Day

Register Online

Download Registration Form

Download Student Registration Form

Each year at Rotary UN Day, more than 1300 Rotarians including many Rotary International

Directors, Foundation Trustees, past Senior Leaders, and guests come together at UN

Headquarters in New York. The program is designed to inspire and educate all participants

as well as provide insight into the relationship between Rotary and the United Nations. In the

past, the day has been very successful and has sold out.

The day will begin at 9:30am and conclude by 4:00pm. Lunch will be in the UN Cafeteria,

over looking the East River at 1:00pm.

Rotary Day at the United Nations also includes a special program for youth interested in

humanitarian service. Youth will have the opportunity to hear about a model UN program, the

Shelter Box project, some projects that Interact Clubs are working on, and an overview of the

UN and much more. The program begins at 9:30am and concludes at 12:30 followed by

lunch. Participants are welcome to join the adult program after lunch

One Rotary Center

1560 Sherman Ave.

Evanston, IL 60201

ph: 847-866-3000

fax: 973-898-6534

UN Day November 6, 2010 2010-10-04 00:00:00Z 0

Hoboken Rotary participates in city-wide Music & Arts Festival!

Posted by Joe Mindak on Sep 27, 2010
Sunday, October 3rd
11 am - 6 pm

Come enjoy a great opportunity to share our programs & projects with the Hoboken community, invite guests to our meetings and make new contacts.

You can help spread the word this Sunday in one (or more) of these time slots:

Group #1 - 10:30 am - 1 pm
Group #2 - 2 pm - 4 pm
Group #3 - 4 pm - 6:30 pm

We'll be distributing information sheets, talking to local residents and more. To sign up please eMail Julye Augustine at julye@gyconnect.org.
Hoboken Rotary participates in city-wide Music & Arts Festival! Joe Mindak 2010-09-28 00:00:00Z 0

Farmers Market

Posted on Aug 22, 2010

Through November we will be collecting food from the farmers market. On Tuesdays downtown around 7pm we are collecting food from the farmers.  In the past the food that wasn't sold was being feed to the animals or thrown away, now the Rotary club is collecting and delivering the food to homless shelter.  For more information or to get involved please contact Diana Foxwell or Joe Mindak.

Farmers Market 2010-08-23 00:00:00Z 0

Registration for the 20th Annual Hoboken Rotary Golf Outing - in partnership with the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce

Posted by Christopher Mackin CFP®

We're at it again with our 20th Annual Golf Outing and proud to continue our partnership with the Hoboken Chamber Commerce part of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce

We had great feedback about our event last year at Essex County Country Club, so decided to keep the venue the same! We'll be having our special cocktail hour and dinner (in the newly remodeled Clubhouse) after the outing. You don't have an excuse not to join us, if you don't like golf, come to network with other professionals!

The Hoboken Rotary is a wonderful "service" organization that donates money to the education of our children. We give scholarships to high school seniors, books to the 1st and 3rd graders in Hoboken, send students to Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and have a "city-wide" Spelling Bee for all the 4th graders in our community. Those are just some of the wonderful things this organization participates in.

Our annual golf outing helps raise the funds for these educational programs. Please come out and support Hoboken's & the World's oldest service organization!

Register here

Registration for the 20th Annual Hoboken Rotary Golf Outing - in partnership with the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce Christopher Mackin CFP® 0

Partnering with REMAX for their 5th Annual Turkey Dinner Drive

Posted by Sean Munroe

The Hoboken Rotary is proud to announce that we will be assisting Remax Gold Coast Rlty with their 5th Annual Turkey Dinner Drive. The goal is to provide 100 families in need with complete Thanksgiving Dinners! A $50 donation feeds a family. For more information, please contact Sean Munroe at 201-694-6682. We are looking for  volunteers to shop and others to stuff the baskets on Monday, November 25th. What a great opportunity to help the community and to meet new people! 

Partnering with REMAX for their 5th Annual Turkey Dinner Drive Sean Munroe 0

Member Nomination Holly

Posted by Gregory Visconti

Greg Dell Aquilla has nominated and I have second the acceptance of Holly as our newest member.

Holly is the Branch Manager at Capital One Bank.  She is a former Rotarian and has chosen to apply to Our Club so that she can continue to work with Rotary and continue to put community service above her self.

If you have any comments or wish to block her acceptance for a valid reason please submit your comments to myself, Armstead Johnson our Membership Chair or myself.  

Member Nomination Holly Gregory Visconti 0

Rotary Youth Training

Posted by Gregory Visconti

One of the core focus of Rotary International and our Club is to serve the youth in our community.  IN order to provide this service RI requires everyone involved to receive proper training to ensure the safety of the Youth and Membership.


We will be performing this training at the Tuesday Meeting March 26th, 2012 so I recommend you attend  or you will have to complete this training in order to participate in Youth Programs.  You can download the Power Point presentation by using the following RI link.


If you cannot download this please send an email to me at www.gmvcfp63@gmail.com and I will forward the presentation to you. 

Thank you for your time and keeping Service Above Self as a core value in your life.

Rotary Youth Training Gregory Visconti 0


Posted by Gregory Visconti

Thank you all for your cooperation and attendance at our last meeting.  While attendance was a huge improvement, we now stand at 40 active members; so I expect 25 or more each week.  Attendance is a requirement NOT a choice in maintaining you membership requirements.  Dues is the other.  So please pay your dues and attend so as not to jeopardize your membership!

We will be at Biggies Restaurant on 34 Newark St Hoboken NJ each Tuesday at 12:15pm.  This week we will hear from Ethan Chazin, a newer Member, who is sure to restart your business with his Coaching ideas!

Parking is a premium in Hoboken so give yourself a 15 minute window and you should find something on the street!

The Club and Foundation will be having a joint meeting this month on March 20th at the Hoboken Business Center or at Biggies (time to be announced).


BIGGIES A BIG HIT Gregory Visconti 0

New meeting time and place for Rotary

Posted by Joe Mindak
The Rotary has officially changed their meetings back to 12:15 on Tuesdays starting in March.  We will be meeting at Biggies Clam Bar(formerly The Clam Broth House) in the private room downstairs. Come join us and see what the Rotary has planned. 
New meeting time and place for Rotary Joe Mindak 0

Hurricane Sandy Relief: Now, We Need Your Help - c/o Party with Purpose

Posted by Ryan Mitchell

Hoboken Rotary is working with Party with Purpose, The City of Hoboken, and many other local organizations to provide assistance in the Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts. We have been in touch with the City of Hoboken and area charities to see how we can help. Power may be out for an extended number of days which severely limits the number of open stores. The situation changes constantly so for the latest updates, visit the City of Hoboken website at: www.HobokenNJ.org and on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/cityofhoboken. Many of the local charities who provide after-school programming for some of our more disadvantaged kids have been flooded and will require extensive rehab. Your help and donations are much appreciated. 

Immediate Need: Physicians

We need a few physicians to donate their services to enter the high rises and attend to seniors and others who are in need of new/renewed prescriptions. Since the elevators are out, the residents are unable to go to the pharmacy themselves and most stores are still closed. If you are able to help, please contact us directly. 

To Donate Money: 

Hoboken Rotary  is now accepting monetary donations which will be put to immediate use to help those most in need. Any extra funds will be used for the ongoing recovery efforts. Visit this link to donate (please disable your pop up blocker)

To Volunteer: 

Visit City Hall located at 1st and Washington Street to sign up and get working. Volunteers are needed from 9:00 am- 7:00 pm. 

Hoboken Rotary in conjunction with our District 7490 and Rotary International we  will be organizing and coordinating our own volunteer efforts. Stay tuned. 

To Donate Goods:

The city is most in need of the following items: blankets, non-perishables such as shelf-stable milk like Parmalat, Canned goods. Diapers. Flashlights with batteries. Items may be delivered downtown at City Hall or uptown at Hoboken High School. The uptown location is easiest to drive up and drop off items. 

If You Are In Need Of Assistance: 

For emergencies or hard goods, please contact the City of Hoboken at: 

For Federal Assistance visit: http://www.disasterassistance.gov/ or call 1-800-621-FEMA (1-800-621-3362)

Finally, please forward this information via Facebook and email to your friends and neighbors looking for a way to help.

We will keep you informed as we learn more and thanks for your help. 

Hurricane Sandy Relief: Now, We Need Your Help - c/o Party with Purpose Ryan Mitchell 0

Week of Tuesday October 8th

Posted by Ryan Mitchell

Thank you to everyone who attended last evenings meeting to hear and learn more about Hudson Community College, through Ann Chapman.  We learned that Hudson Community College has many educational programs geared towards small and mid size companies, whose employees need more training.

Sharon Weiss 

Week of Tuesday October 8th Ryan Mitchell 0

From Marie Stinson

Posted by Marie A. Stinson
A word from Christy..."Hello, my name is Christy Farley and I am a cardiac transplant survivor
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The Jersey Follettes are going on tour!: From Noelle Tate

Posted by Ryan Mitchell

The Jersey Follettes are going on tour!   But don't worry, we're not going too far from home... The upcoming tri-state area tour is a special workshop of a brand new Follettes show - a celebration of female artists across generations, spanning the 21st Century, leaping into present-day, and finishing with the premier of a Jersey Follettes ORIGINAL SONG!
Our first stop will be right across the river, at The Duplex Theatre in New York City, 61 Christopher Street, on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 at 7:00PM! Tickets are $10 and can be reserved at http://www.theduplex.com/~thedup/webcalendar/view_entry.php?id=7011&date=20121017.  Please get your tickets in advance as there is limited seating!

The Jersey Follettes are going on tour!: From Noelle Tate Ryan Mitchell 0

Hudson County Rotary Clubs Business Symposium

Posted by Ryan Mitchell

Details are still being worked for this event; however tickets are going to be $25.00 each, which will include lunch. There is a panel between four and six speakers discussing various economic situations that are facing Hudson County. 

La Reggia Restaurant 40 Wood Avenue, Secaucus, NJ 
Buffet Luncheon $25, Cash Bar Check Payable to Secaucus Rotary Club

Please contact events@hobokenrotary.org for more information. 

Hudson County Rotary Clubs Business Symposium Ryan Mitchell 0

Tuesday the 30th.

Posted by Ryan Mitchell

As we begin to get into our holiday season we thought this was the perfect meeting to host more of an informal networking and membership drive event.  The cost of for this meeting is still going to be $20.00 and we are currently working on a different menu for this evening. This event is open to anyone interested who is interested in learning more about Rotary and networking.  Dressing up in custome is optional. 

Tuesday the 30th. Ryan Mitchell 0

Hoboken Charter Fund Raiser

Posted by Ryan Mitchell

I would personally like to thank Rory, Joe, Marie, Lisa, Ron Joe as well as all our members who made this event successful.  Press Release  Thank you letter from Hoboken Charter,  we are in the working on scheduling a check presentation and working with the school to determine if there are any opportunities for us to volunteer.    

Hoboken Charter Fund Raiser Ryan Mitchell 0
Tuesday October 9th: Hoboken Rotary Club and The Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce are Hosting a Networking Events Ryan Mitchell 0

Meetings of October 16th and 23rd

Posted by Ryan Mitchell
We will be holding regularly scheduled meetings on Tuesday October 16th and the 23rd, due to a scheduling conflict the meetings will not be at The Brass Rail. If you have any suggestions of where the club should meet please email events@hobokenrotary.org and continue to check your email for updates as to the locations for these meetings.  
Meetings of October 16th and 23rd Ryan Mitchell 0

Stevens Rotaract

Posted by Ryan Mitchell
The Stevens Rotaract Club has been active all summer long and now has launched a week long list of activities, They are once again working with Rotary and Interact at the Arts and Music Festival Please see their entire listing of events below.  
Stevens Rotaract Ryan Mitchell 0

This week in Rotary

Posted by Ryan Mitchell
Well Rotary never seems to have a lack of exciting events. On the 10th we had our 17th Annual Golf Outing as we were blessed with some amazing weather, along with nearly ever golfer who registered showed up.  

On Tuesday we had our regularly scheduled meeting and Rich Marsh assisted us with the Homeless Bag Project.  This project, which entails packing fifty bags with daily essentials, one for everyone who spends a night at the shelter.

After our outing our Community Service Committee began working on our Fund Raiser to help those displaced by the Hoboken Charter School Fire.  This event is taking place at The Turtle Club as well as 10th & Willow.  We are looking Volunteers to assist us with putting on this event.  

Please come out and join us in helping Rotary serve our community. 

"He who serves best, profits most."
This week in Rotary Ryan Mitchell 0

Hoboken Charter Fund Raiser

Posted by Ryan Mitchell
Before this event starts, a special thank you to Rory Chadwick for his time and effort in putting together this event on such short notice.  We are expecting a very good turn out and are asking for your support to ensure that those displaced by the fire will be able to have the necessary supplies to get back into the class room.  Below you will find the a links to volunteer, donate, or if you just need information on the venues.  
Hoboken Charter Fund Raiser Ryan Mitchell 0

Thank you

Posted by Ryan Mitchell
On Monday September 10th, we held our 17th Annual Golf Outing.  The weather was beautiful, the course played well and the close to 100 golfers all appeared to have a great time.  I would like to give a special thank you to Chris Mackin, Committee Chair, in his fourth year, and Marie Stinson for all of their work.   As President it was an honor to be able to assist in my fourth golf outing. Each year we strive to make this event bigger and better, and I believe this event accomplished both.  We will be following up in the next week or so with financial updates.  If you have specific questions or comments please direct them to Chris Mackin at golfouting@hobokenrotary.org 
Thank you Ryan Mitchell 0

Tuesday September 4th

Posted by Ryan Mitchell
I hope that everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend and are looking forward to a wonderful fall season. The club is busy getting ready for our 17th Annual Golf Outing on Monday, September 10th.  If you are still interested in playing or sponsoring please contact Christopher Mackin at golfouting@hobokenrotary.org.  

Tonight's meeting, 6pm at the Brass Rail, is about Club Committees and how they are instrumental in carrying out the important work that we as Rotarians are committed to performing.  We are actively looking for current, prospective and future club members to sit on the following club committees:
  1. Membership
  2. Education
  3. Public Relations
  4. Vocational 
  5. Community Relations 
  6. Club Administration 
We are looking forward to seeing everyone at this evening's meeting and encourage everyone to sit on at least one committee.


Your 2012 Leadership Team 
Tuesday September 4th Ryan Mitchell 0

August 21st Meeting

Posted by Ryan Mitchell
On Tuesday August 21st, Marie Papp will be our feature member in our second installment of our Member Presentation Series.  If you, or you know of someone that is interested in speaking at our club please have them first review the speaker schedule looking for an available date, then complete the speaker request form,.   As a member of the club your are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to speak in front of your peers to share personal, professional and Rotary experiences.  

Here are a few updates 

New Badge Order form  if you are interested in having a new name badge please complete this form by the end of the week, as the order will be place on Monday August 27th. 

There is no meeting on Tuesday August 28th, as we are getting together at The City's Annual Spaghetti Block Party, tickets are $15.00 each and can be reserved here, we only have two tables reserved and there are only a few tickets remaining. 

Our Annual Golf Outing, first off please give a big thank you to Marie Stinson and Chris Mackin for their fourth year organizing this.  We need every member's assistant with this Please register here

This year we are having a 50/50 to be drawn at the outing (you do not have to be present to win) and tickets are $5.00 each.  We can sell them online, so please send this link, 2012 Golf Outing Raffle

I look forward to seeing each of you tomorrow evening at 6pm at the Brass Rail.  
August 21st Meeting Ryan Mitchell 0

Prospective Member Tony Soares

Posted by Ryan Mitchell
To the membership of The Hoboken Rotary club, I would like to present Mr. Tony Soares for membership to our club. Tony has been attending meetings for the last few meonths, 
Prospective Member Tony Soares Ryan Mitchell 0

July 10th Meeting

Posted by Ryan Mitchell
Thank you to everyone who attended the first meeting of this Rotary Year.  Your attendance and support was appreciated.  I am honored to be this year's president 
July 10th Meeting Ryan Mitchell 0

New Changes in our club

Posted by Ryan Mitchell
This next Rotary year, 2012-2013, is going to be very fun and exciting. The leadership team of Lissa Russo, Scott Yoder, and Armstead Johnson are working hard to ensure that this next year is memorable.    A few changes and new programs will be 
New Changes in our club Ryan Mitchell 0
17 Annual Golf Outing Ryan Mitchell 0

2012 Installation Dinner

Posted by Ryan Mitchell
We are looking forward to having a terrific evening to celebrate Chris Mackin and all the amazing job he performed as our club president.  This year we are having it at Clinton Social, on June 19th. 2012.  The cost is $55.00 per person, and social hour starts at 6:30pm and the program will be starting around 7:15pm.

Please register here  
2012 Installation Dinner Ryan Mitchell 0

2012/2013 Rotary Year

Posted by Ryan Mitchell
Over the weekend a membership survey was sent out to each member.  On of the important questions is whether or not to move the club from meeting at lunch time to an evening club.  Please click on the Member Survey to complete it.  
2012/2013 Rotary Year Ryan Mitchell 0

Gift Of Life America Fund

Posted by Ryan Mitchell

Gift of Life America Fund was started by fellow Rotarian Nicholas Laganella  9 years ago to help medically deprived children in need of medical support. In many cases parents have lost their jobs and the medical needs are no longer available. In many cases medical insurance is available in a limited amounts or the medical need is not covered by the medical insurance.



Gift Of Life America Fund Ryan Mitchell 0

Annual Scholarship Program

Posted by Ryan Mitchell
The Hoboken Rotary Foundation was established in 1959, to provide educational resources to the students of our community.   The 2012 committee is composed of a group of hard working dedicated Rotarians.   Our mission is to assist and afford those high school seniors in our community with the ability to attending a secondary education institution.  
Annual Scholarship Program Ryan Mitchell 0

Brazilian rotarian trees project

Posted by Ryan Mitchell

Being a Rotarian provides the opportunity to participat in relevant projects an most importantly, the satisfaction of living unforgettable moments. At the bottom is the full newsletter. This opportunity came about 

Brazilian rotarian trees project Ryan Mitchell 0
Check Presentation for 300 Washington St Ryan Mitchell 0

1st Annual Charity Casino Night

Posted by Ryan Mitchell

This year hMAG & Hoboken Rotary will be partnering up to host our first ever Casino Night on Saturday, April 14th 2012 from 6pm until Midnight.

It will be a fun filled evening with drinks (Cocktail Service provided by the Ladies of Tilted Kilt!), food, dancing and gambling.  Games include Blackjack, Roulette, and Craps ($5 minimum bet).  There will also be a Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament which requires additional registration, with prizes going to the top 3 finishers (Grand Prize - Trip to Curacao)



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Historic Moments: The first four Rotarians Ryan Mitchell 0

300 Washington St

Posted by Ryan Mitchell
On the evening of February 19, 2012, our city suffered a tremendous loss with the fire at 300 Washington St. This event caused the loss of a historic building and more importantly costing the residents of this building complete and total loss of their homes.  In an effort to assist those in need, The Hoboken Rotary Foundation is accepting donations through our registered 501-3c non profit charity to assist them.  All donations are tax deductible and will the amounts will be split equally amount those affected.  Donations are accepted in increments of $10.00 and you can adjust the amount by adjusting the quantity.  

Support the victims of the 300 Washington Fire

Everyone that donates will receive an email confirmation of your donation and donations over $250.00 will receive a letter acknowledging your donation. 


The Hoboken Rotary Foundation
300 Washington St Ryan Mitchell 0

Rotary's Birthday

Posted by Ryan Mitchell
Now you may be asking yourself, I thought we just celebrated our club's birthday, we were chartered on November 1, 1921.  This upcoming birthday is for Rotary International, who celebrates its 107th birthday on Thursday February 23rd.  The attached like are a 100 ways you can celebrate this milestone. 

Ideas to Celebrate Rotary's Birthday

If you are not interested in putting together your own event you can join seven of your fellow Rotarians at the Party With Purpose Winter Benefit event that evening.  Party With Purpose.  

Regardless of your plans for the this special day, please remember to take a moment and think of all of our fellow rotarians that have done so much to make this world a better place.

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Polio Ryan Mitchell 0

Up Coming Meeting Programs

Posted by Ryan Mitchell

 The Leadership Team works very hard putting together a complete list of programs for our meetings.  We are always looking for both your feedback as well as new speakers and topics. If you have any suggestions or know anyone that is interested in being an up coming speaker please contact speakers@hobokenrotary.org.  



The Leadership Team 

Up Coming Meeting Programs Ryan Mitchell 0

Last Rotary Meeting of 2011

Posted by Ryan Mitchell

First I would like to say thank you to all every member that showed up at The Gaslight for the last Rotary meeting of the 2011 year.  Our weekly attendance is on the up swing and we ended with 19 people attending.  I appreciate every member that has been attending meetings on a regular basis, as a club we look forward to continually increasing our attendance in 2012 and beyond.  If you have been attending any make up meetings please email makeupmeetings@hobokenrotary.org by the end of the year.  

 On January 3rd will be meeting at The Brass Rail at 12pm.  Please remember to invite a guest or and refer anyone that you think may be interested in being a program.   

Last Rotary Meeting of 2011 Ryan Mitchell 0

100 Members in 100 Days

Posted by Ryan Mitchell

At the District Staff meeting, Governor Emil Geering and PDG Joe Dino, Jr., Membership Chair, announced a new program for our district – 100 Members in 100 Days.  Our aim is to get the District to 1,400 members between December 15 and March 23.  The club that brings in the highest number of new members (no formulas here, just the highest number) will receive a $500 grant from DGE Bonnie Sirower during her year for one of that club’s programs, community or international.  In case of a tie, the club that brings in the highest amount of new members first will receive the award. Club Presidents can also win a Rotary tie, Rotary scarf or business card holder if they complete all five points of the Rotary membership star (see attached PDF).  Clubs will receive a gold star for each task completed:

1)    Hold a Meet and Greet:  We would like clubs to band together, and if possible, hold the Meet and Greet on February 23,  Rotary’s birthday.

2)    Hold a Fireside Chat for new or potential members

3)    Hold an orientation session for your new members

4)    Conduct a membership satisfaction survey (also attached)

5)    Bring in at least two new members.  .All clubs that accomplish this will be recognized at the District Conference and the District Assembly.  


If you have any questions or need help on carrying out any of these programs, please contact Membership Chair Joe Dino, Jr. at josephdinojr@optonline.net 
100 Members in 100 Days Ryan Mitchell 0

4th Annual Coat Drive

Posted by Dr. Kathia Roberts
From now until the end of December, please contribute & drop off any used winter coats/jackets, hats, gloves or socks (socks should be new) to any of the 4 Hoboken Fire Departments or at one of our participating locations:
Stevens Institute - Lieb Building http://www.stevens.edu
All Saints Day School (6th & Clinton) http://www.allsaintsdayschool.org
Hudson Athletic Club http://www.hudsonathletic.com
Haven Savings (621 Washington) http://www.havenbank.com
Hoboken Business Center http://www.hobokenoffice.com

4th Annual Coat Drive Dr. Kathia Roberts 0

50/50 Raffle Tickets

Posted by Ryan Mitchell

I hope that everyone has received their 50/50 raffle tickets.  The money that is raised from this raffle is going to assist in refurbishing two rooms at The Hoboken Boys & Girls Club.  The drawing is on Saturday December 3, 2011.  We are asking every member to sell at least 50 tickets.  If need more please either contact Rose or Ryan.  


This year you can also direct your friends and family members to purchase their tickets on our website  Hoboken Rotary  There is a surcharge of 3% for purchasing your tickets through our website.  


Thank you to Mary Beth Perry and Marie Stinson for their strong starts in selling tickets.  Please continue to keep up the good work.




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New Member Application Ryan Mitchell 0

2011 Golf Outing

Posted by Ryan Mitchell

Golf Ball photo

The Hoboken Rotary has been actively contributing to the community for more than 80 years. The club has more than 40 members and we are very interested in growing the club. Each year we raise funds to support local causes as well as significant causes across the country and throughout the world. We annually give Scholarships to Hoboken high school seniors; dictionaries to all Hoboken 3rd Graders; personalized books to all Hoboken 1st Graders; and substantial donations to other Hoboken not-for-profits. We participate in many events including the Golf Outing, Art Auction, Awards Dinners, Civic functions and many social events It is through hosting events such as this golf outing that make all of these wonderful dreams a reality. Please join us on September 26, 2011 by clicking on the link below. Register for this event

2011 Golf Outing Ryan Mitchell 0

RI's Strategic Plan

Posted by Ryan Mitchell

The RI Strategic Plan

I n 2001-02, as Rotary International entered its second century of service, it began developing a strategic plan to guide the organization. The plan has been reviewed and updated periodically since.

In 2009, the Board conducted an extensive review of the RI Strategic Plan. This review included surveying 14,000 Rotarians worldwide about the organization’s priorities, conducting focus groups to assess Rotary’s image in different countries, and analyzing other data and research. The revised plan, effective 1 July 2010, reflects the results of this research and also unifies the strategic direction of RI and The Rotary Foundation. Read More

RI's Strategic Plan Ryan Mitchell 0

Committee Emails

Posted by Ryan Mitchell
Our club has between twelve and twenty different committees or departments that work, often behind the scenes, to ensure we are able to continue functioning as member of Rotary International.  Such examples of these 
Committee Emails Ryan Mitchell 0

July 5 2011 Club Assembly

Posted by Ryan Mitchell
We happy to announce that Chris Mackin started his year as Presiday on Friday July 1, 2011.  He is keeping the tradition of having a closed club assembly with the first meeting in July. We conduct this meeting to brain storm for various project's for the year as well as give the President an opportunity to introduce their leadership team, their roles, and Chris 2011-2012 vision.  We are looking forward to a very exciting Rotary year, as our club celebrates its 90th Birthday in November.  
July 5 2011 Club Assembly Ryan Mitchell 0
2011 Art Auction Andrew Brown 0

Installation Dinner: June 28th

Posted by Rich Marsh

 Come celebrate the installation of the 2011 - 2012 Leadership team. 

Date: Jun 28, 2011 at 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Fee: $45.00 per person
Location: Puerto Spain

116 14th Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Installation Dinner: June 28th Rich Marsh 0

Tuesday May 31st Night meeting Gaslight

Posted by Rich Marsh
 Tuesday, May 31st we will have our night meeting at the Gaslight starting at 6:30p. The GSE team will be our guests and it should be a fun night, if you are free come out and meet the team.
Tuesday May 31st Night meeting Gaslight Rich Marsh 0


Posted by Rich Marsh

May 31st we will be hosting the GSE team from Tuscany, IT. Rose Evaristo is the chair and she is looking for any Rotarians interested in helping show the GSE team around Hoboken. Although Rose is still firming up plans (Hoboken Museum, tour of a historic home, etc.) a reservation has been made with Stevens. This tour is an in-depth, behind the scenes look at some of Stevens most interesting sites, if you have not been this is a rare opportunity to see Stevens. Rose will be sending out an email with firm details, in the coming days and wants all the help she can get.

GSE Rich Marsh 0

Tuesday Dec 21st afternoon meeting at Gas Light

Posted by Rich Marsh
 For those of you that haven't left town yet for the holidays please join us at the Gas Light at 12:15pm for Bob Brady's "Stange and interesting facts about Past Hoboken Rotary Presidents"
Tuesday Dec 21st afternoon meeting at Gas Light Rich Marsh 0

KoKo Fit hosts Rotary December 11th

Posted by Rich Marsh
 In an effort to give members a better understanding of what happens at Koko Fitness, Michael is opening his doors to Rotarians. The event will start at 5pm and will be catered by Sapori Foods.  This is a fun way to learn about a new local business that is raising money for our club.
KoKo Fit hosts Rotary December 11th Rich Marsh 0

December 7th Speaker Vince Lombardo from United Cerebral Palsy

Posted by Rich Marsh

Vince Lombardo is Director of Fund Development and Public Relations for United Cerebral Palsy of Hudson County. 

UCP of Hudson County, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization that has been providing an array of advocacy and support services to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families throughout Northern New Jersey since 1951.

UCP’s services are provided free of charge to individuals who are registered with the Division of Developmental Disabilities.

Currently, UCP of Hudson County serves over 400 individuals and their families on a daily basis through a comprehensive network of advocacy and support services.

December 7th Speaker Vince Lombardo from United Cerebral Palsy Rich Marsh 0

November 30th Evening meeting at Leo's

Posted by Rich Marsh
Where:Leo's is located at 200 Grand Street.
What: Three course meal (salad, appetizer,erntre'e, and soda, coffee, water).
When:6:30 start time
How much: $29.00 per person
November 30th Evening meeting at Leo's Rich Marsh 0

Christmas Party December 14th!!!

Posted by Rich Marsh
Where: Clinton Social
When: 7pm -9:30pm
What: Open Bar and Four course dinner
How much: $50.00 for Rotarians with a toys, $60.00 for non-Rotarians

Christmas Party December 14th!!! Rich Marsh 0
Article on Rich Marsh 0
Spelling Bee November 16th!!! Rich Marsh 0
Second Annual Spelling Bee November 16th!!! Rich Marsh 0
Hoboken Rotary Golf Outing Photos Joe Mindak 0

Hoboken Rotary Meeting

Posted by Joe Mindak
Join us for our next meeting on October 5th at the Gaslight.  Meeting will be held from12:15 to 1:15pm.  

Guest speaker Elizabeth (Betty) Spinelli is the Executive Director of the Hudson County Economic Development Corp.  For more information log on to hudsonedc.org.
Hoboken Rotary Meeting Joe Mindak 0

Rotary Evening Meeting - Gaslight

Posted by Joe Mindak
This weeks monthly evening meeting will be held tomorrow night, September 27, from 6-9 at The Gaslight on 4th & Adams.  $20 includes appetizer or salad, entree, soft drink and coffee/tea.

Join us to find out more of what the Rotary is all about!

Rotary Evening Meeting - Gaslight Joe Mindak 0

September 21 Meeting

Former District Governor Joe Dino visits!!!
September 21 Meeting 0

Hoboken Rotary Meeting

Posted by Joe Mindak
 Join us for our monthly night meeting the last Tuesday of every month.  This month will be 208 Jackson St, 6:45pm.

 Note from the host:

Dr. Laura and myself are running the 2010 NYC Marathon.  In an effort to minimize both of us bombarding everyone with emails for our support, we decided to have an evening meeting at my apartment:  The cooking efforts of Dr. Laura and myself are going to be supported by Hoboken’s Own, Skinny Chef written by Jennifer Iserloh.

   I am running to raise money for the New York City Rotary Club and their international efforts.  My link is http://www.active.com/donate/TeamNYRotary2010/RMitche261

  She is running for Team for Kids and if you would like to support her directly the link is


In an effort to plan accordingly for food, please let me know if you are planning on attending and if you are bringing any guests. Thank you from Dr. Laura and myself.

 Ryan Mitchell

C 551-497-1605

H 212-372-0988
Hoboken Rotary Meeting Joe Mindak 0

District Governor Visit

Posted by Joe Mindak

District Governor Adele E. Miller visits the Hoboken Rotary.
District Governor Visit Joe Mindak 0

Newark Bears Game

Posted by Joe Mindak
Photobucket Join the Hoboken Rotary for a Newark Bears game on August 18, 2010. Tickets are $34 and included one ticket and fully catered food. For more info or to send a check contact John Forsman at jforsman@jhnetwork.com
Newark Bears Game Joe Mindak 0

Elizabeth Essoka

Posted by Michael DiFiore
Our speaker and fellow Rotarian, Elizabeth Essoka from the west African country of Cameroon spoke about this year's Rotary theme, "Building Communities, Bridging Continents." She shared tasty Cameroonian cuisine with the club, and Hoboken Rotarians supported her youth programs in Cameroon by purchasing items made by students in her youth programs.
Elizabeth Essoka Michael DiFiore 0

Beatrice Johnston

Posted by Joe Mindak
Beatrice Johnston, our speaker on July 20th is the director of Brand Excitement, a social media marketing company. In her role, she leads the design of marketing materials, websites, blogs and social media messaging that helps companies express passion, excite people and expand profits. She shared with the club several social media strategies that could be implemented immediately to boost our online presence and brand. To obtain the handouts she distributed, please contact her at bea@brandexcitement.com.
Beatrice Johnston Joe Mindak 0

Hoboken Rotary Meeting

Posted by Joe Mindak
Join us for our next weekly Rotary meeting on Tuesday evening at 6pm at The Hoboken Bar & Grill, 230 Washington Street. 201.222.6050. $25 for three courses and one drink.
Hoboken Rotary Meeting Joe Mindak 0
Hoboken Rotary Golf Outing Joe Mindak 0

Hoboken Rotary Art Auction

Posted by Michael DiFiore
Location: All Saints Episcopal Corner 7th & Washington Street Hoboken, NJ 07030 US View Map When: Friday, January 29, 7:00PM Phone: (201)792-3544
Hoboken Rotary Art Auction Michael DiFiore 0
Rotary Halloween 2009 Marie A. Stinson 0
2009 Hoboken Rotary Installation Dinner Marie A. Stinson 0
Dr Laura Brayton's book distribution Marie A. Stinson 0
Rotary Scholarship Lunch 6/23/09 Marie A. Stinson 0
Gift of Life - Frantz Azemar Farewell Party Marie A. Stinson 0
Hoboken Rotary President's Ball Marie A. Stinson 0
Gift of Life - Frantz Azemar Marie A. Stinson 0
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International Service Project: Portugal Marie A. Stinson 0
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