For many years Our Club has met various local establishments seeking a suitable and comfortable place to do the good deeds of Rotary.  Like every other Club in the world, we meet to share our vocational expertise and experience, in the name of service above self. 

Beginning March 2013, we will be returning to a long time home, all be it, remodeled "Clam Broth House".  While it is now known as Biggie's, at 42 Newark Street between River and Hudson Sts. Hoboken NJ it was the place I first attended Rotary in the 1980's.  The new proprietors are long time Hobokenites that share the pride of calling Hoboken home. 

We will return to lunch meetings beginning March 2013, and thank the Brass Rail for having us for such a long time.


Let's enjoy the Fellowship and hospitality of our new hosts and support them each week for years to come.

Greg Visconti