This next Rotary year, 2012-2013, is going to be very fun and exciting. The leadership team of Lissa Russo, Scott Yoder, and Armstead Johnson are working hard to ensure that this next year is memorable.    A few changes and new programs will be 
1. We are moving our meeting times, to 6pm from 12pm.  
2. There is a discounted meal plan for those that would like to receive a 15% discount on their meeting fees. Purchase This
3. We are working hard to obtain new badges for all of our members.  Please visit Order a New Badge, and complete the form.
4.  One of the main two goals are 91 members in our 91st year and to have fun. In an effort to accomplish this we are going to be substituting our regular weekly meetings for a few events.  Please visit our 2012-2013 Calendar. 
5. On August 30th, our club will once again be reserving tables at the City's Annual Spaghetti Block Party. This event will replace our weekly meeting.  Please register at Spaghetti Block Party